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Web3 electronic contract signature,

Document send protocol

Dsign is a private, secure, and anonymous way for you and your clients to sign electronic contracts and send documents.

Bring blockchain to the people, guarantee contracts' safety and security, and the signatures are permanently stored.

Decentralized by Contract Signature

You sign it. You own it. Dsign is built using web3 technologies: log in with Ethereum or Email, store your electronic contract on Arweave, and publish using Dsign’s credibly-neutral protocol.

Decentralized by Document Send


You don't need to worry about the platform viewing your documents, you can safely send encrypted files to your partners. Dsign is a decentralized non-custodial protocol.

Own your data
From now on, your data will be stored encrypted in your decentralized private storage and only accessible by you. You have full ownership. We can't see your data - no more data leaks and data breaches.

Why Dsign

Protect privacy and complete

Protect your contract' privacy
Stop having to worry about platform viewing ads, trackers, no trackers, no cookies. And storage on the chain allows you to preview your contract for life.

Stronger Legal Effect

We use biometrics, and legal identity authentication, to give contracts stronger legal force. Based on blockchain technology and encryption, contracts cannot be tampered with.

Store your contracts permanently

Let Decentralized Signature lead the arrival of the era of data ownership

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